ZOOM Registration: https://bit.ly/31igs4n Wheeling Forward is honored to have an all-star panel of the most accomplished professionals in our industry who will share their personal stories and also help us to understand how we can make this a better working environment and how to build a longer table for all. We have the great Jackie Summers who will be the moderator amongst such luminaries in our industry. Marquita Levy, Kilolo Strobert, and Zwann Grays have been inspired to frame the continued conversation on #diversity and #inclusion on the hard work currently happening in #hospitality. In order to cultivate this exciting new conversation we are having about diversity, we should practice our own form of canopy #management. As we discard old habits, such as unconscious #racism, we do a green harvest on the past, concentrating all of our energy on the new and growing fruit. It’s necessary work to continue the conversation, so innovative ideas and pathways to diversity can grow and flourish. #restaurant #restaurantindustry #sommelier #somm #wine #wines #serviceindustry ………. Jackie Summers is an acclaimed author, seasoned public speaker, and serial entrepreneur. Summers is the founder of JackFromBrooklyn Inc. and the creator of the award-winning Sorel Liqueur ………. Zwann Grays has worked for standouts like Bouley, Terroir, Anfora and Estela gave Zwann the foundation to build upon and succeed in her vision. In her most recent role as Wine Director at Olmsted and Maison Yaki, Zwann oversees a staff of over 50 people, providing daily wine training, and manages a bottle list of over 125 different selections. ………. Marquita Levy has been in the #hospitality industry since 1991, as she began dancing professionally in Chicago. Wine would become her hobby while she pursued Modern Dance. Dance and wine would hold hands for 12 years. When she retired from dance in 2002, she began to focus on working in Wine. ………. Kilolo has worked at notable companies, including Le Du’s Wines, Le Parker Meridien, Zagat, Morrell & Company, and Fresh Direct. She also serves as the communications coordinator for nonprofit Wine on Wheels and runs wine programming at StarChefs Internation