Have you heard about Rosalia DAC? The perfect wine region for spring, the small area of Burgenland classified as Rosalia DAC is known for its fruity & spicy reds and rosĂ©s since 2017. The details: đŸ·Rosalia DAC: BlaufrĂ€nkisch, Zweigelt, max 4g/l of RS, and known for being fruity, spicy, and aromatic. đŸ·Rosalia DAC RosĂ©: one or more red QualitĂ€tswein varieties, produced dry and known for being fresh, fruity, and spicy. Always learning more about this country’s wine regions thanks to Austrian Wine #GoAustria #WineLover #WinefromAustria #RosaliaDAC #ilovewine #springwine #withtewinecircus