Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Skip the green beer, go with green (Grüner) wine! And remember! Drinking Austria’s Grüner Veltliner today, you’ll be drinking doubly “green” as in Green Austria… 7,242 ha (16%) of Austria’s total area under vines is already being cultivated organically; with this, Austria plays a leading role on the world stage. Almost one fifth of the organic area (1,290 ha) is farmed biodynamically. 12.4% of the area under vines has been certified as sustainable, while the rest is predominantly being cultivated according to the precepts of integrated viticulture. Added bonus: Grüner happens to be the perfect wine for cabbage so, there you have it. What’re you sipping today? 👇🍀🌈 ©AWMB/ Robert Herbst