A #latergram from our rose blending afternoon at @johanneshof_reinisch in February 2019. Made from two of the winery’s top varieties, this debut rosé is 60% PN, 40% St. Laurent, and 100% delicious. It’s astounding how vibrant, elegant, and structured St. Laurent is in rosé form. Pinot Noir, which can sometimes be too generous as a rosé, really gets a lift from it’s clonal cousin. Keep an eye out for bottles coming soon to a market near you and if you have the fortune to see @michael.reinisch.jr while he’s touring the USA in May – be sure to taste this new wine. It’s the perfect time of year for something pink. #rose #roseallday #pinotnoir #stlaurent #thermenregion #familiereinisch #threebrothers #fourgenerations #twoterroirs #onevision #withthewinecircus