Couldn’t have said it better. ⚡️ #withthewinecircus Repost from @dannydemar using @RepostRegramApp – Ingrid Groiss bottles pure pleasure, jubilance & energy. These wines are anything but cold, rigid “vin de garde”. Her wines are vivacious & thrilling at the same time… they send goosebumps up your spine w/ their purity of fruit & their spine tingling zap ⚡️ – few wines bridge the gap of being age-worthy yet irresistible in their youth like @ingridgroiss – this 2015 is an absolute knock out. One of my favorite sales days ever was a few years back for the 2015 release. The wines sold out in less than 2 hours ? I had to go home & open new wines for my afternoon appointments. @thesourceimports @circo_vino on the list @nopasf