IF YOU ARE UNDER THE IMPRESSION THAT THE WINE TARIFF THREAT IS OVER – IT IS NOT! PLEASE READ THEN TAKE ACTION! There were 2 tariff disputes. The “truce” between Pres. Macron/Pres. Trump that you may have read about related only to French Sparkling Wine. THERE IS NO WIDESPREAD TRUCE FOR U.S. TARIFFS ON ALL WINES FROM THE EU. PROPOSED 100% U.S. TARIFFS on ALL WINE FROM EU COUNTRIES IS STILL A THREAT. This is related to a separate dispute about civil aircrafts in which the U.S.A. was awarded compensation/retribution funds from the WTO. (Look it up: #USTR-2019-0003-2518.) Vet my information here: https://www.grapesthewineco.com/ You also can visit my company’s website for downloadable facts and instructions for how to help: www.circovino.com #winetariffs #notariffsonwine #tarrified #stopwinetariffs