It’s not just wine…Friends in #nyc please don’t miss this opportunity to make a difference – attend this event @dandelionwineshop Repost from @bowlerwine using @RepostRegramApp – Repost from @dandelionwineshop See you tonight for a tariff awareness tasting! • The headlines keep coming…  TONIGHT 6-8 WE HOST: TARIFF AWARENESS TASTING; lots of information straight from the people it will affect the most, and lots of wine to taste. The White House is pushing to take the tariffs on European wine to 100%. Imagine every wine you buy cost twice as much! We don’t want to see what it would be like if our cheapest Chianti cost $28. And we also don’t want to pay that much for a simple glass of wine at a restaurant. We know there are worse problems in this country and in this world @australia #puertorico #iran to name just a few, but this one would be crushing not only for us but likely fatal for a lot of the small importers we work with and the tiny, family producers they represent. The industrial producers and mega-stores will have an easier time of it, but that’s not the kind of wine you drink and it’s not the kind we sell. This is the theme at this week’s tasting. Please join us tonight at Dandelion with Gab Bowler of Bowler Wine @bowlerwine Michael Foulk of MFW @mfwwineco Whitney Schubert @whitneyschubert of Polaner Selections @polanerselections , Dan Weber @dmweber of Schatzi Wines @schatziwines Nick Africano @nickafricano of Jose Pastor Selections @jpselections , and Nils Paulson @nepaulito of Martine’s Wines @martineswines We’ll have lots of information and take-homes up front, and of course lots of wine in back to taste! #drinkwine #savewine #savejobs #stopthetariffs #saynotowinetariffs #dandylovesyou ?❤️?