Thank You @drinkeatlove Repost from @drinkeatlove using @RepostRegramApp – Please meet Sariya Jarasviroj Brown (@sariyajb & her whole family) owner of @circo_vino Based in Arizona, Sariya began her business in 2009 completely self-funded. In that time she has grown her company exponentially, selling wine in 21 states. To show the interconnectedness of the wine industry here are some key points about Sariya’s company. Circo Vino has 6 full-time 1099 contractors (across multiple states), 2 warehousing contracts with companies in #newjersey & #colorado, uses 10 trucking lines, works w/ 2 accounts (#arizona), a web-designer (#arizona) & @fedex – all of these individuals & businesses are #american. Each of these people & companies pay taxes, spend money in their local communities & help a #smallbusiness thrive. The threat of additional #tariffs on wine will have potential to not just hurt those companies that sell wine but everyone else involved in supporting these businesses. If you believe in entrepreneurship, small business & jobs tell your elected officials NO to more #wine #tariffs. Every voice counts! The link in my bio will connect you with your elected officials. PLEASE stand with us & protect #americanjobs