We had to take a breather from posting here because of actually selling wine (Yay!) and writing to legislation (Yay! And Boo!). One thing that has become clear is that consumers and some wine trade, alike, do not yet realize and understand why #wineindustry jobs will be lost due to existing 25% #winetariffs and proposed 100% #winetariffs. We all need to dust off our high school Econ books and study how #supplychain works. The survival of your #winejob depends in part on the survival of my #wineimport company. The ultimate #srp you pay is dependent on the tariffs I must pay – the cost of which I cannot entirely absorb – and must pass along the supply chain. The only way We will avoid an economic breakdown that effects YOU/US is by contacting our #legislators and letting them know that WE understand how this works, that is it BOGUS and that we won’t stand for it. YOU have rights and excersizing them will work. PLEASE DO. Contact your major, governor, representatives, senators, the #ustr, and The President. Don’t let CORPORATE businesses put #smallbusiness #smallbusinessowners in Oblivion. #stopwinetariffs