While the “mugs” of our #trapezeartist and our #roustabout are heading our most recent newsletter. Do not be fooled!!! There is real content about @johannes_reinisch and @malatmichael in this newsletter which centers around family businesses in the wine world, how they evolve, and why they are important. We run a family business too so those perks of working with siblings, kids, cousins, and parents are not foreign to us. Neither are the challenges of close quarters decision making. Drinking wine made by families is actually an important way to preserve cultural history and get to know the story behind the wine. To find out more see the link in our bio. Also, this is Part 1 of a 3 Part series. Enjoy!! #withthewinecircus #austrianwine #slovenianwine #arizonawine #familybusiness #familygoals #winemakers #allinthefamily