Domaine Ciringa



“It was always our dream to make one great wine from one great terroir.” – Armin Tement

The Tement name has always been synonymous with great Austrian wine, and the ascension of Manfred Tement’s son Armin into the ranks of winemaker is a powerful extension of a great family tradition.   Armin, having grown up inexorably connected to the land about him and the workings of his family’s winery accepted the mantle of Winemaker and Vineyard manager in 2005.  The Tement winery is located in the mountainous Southern Styria region of Austria near the Slovenian border, where the unique conditions of shell, limestone soil, and cool air produce some of the best Sauvignon Blanc.  The Tements have always wanted to grow a single grape in a top single vineyard, and Armin has taken the reins with the establishment of Domaine Ciringa and Fosilni Breg Sauvignon Blanc.  Located in the Slovenian wine region of  Štajerska Slovenija to the east of the Tement’s important Zieregg vineyard, the 20 hectare area benefits from mineral rich soil, the remnants of a 20 million year old coral reef.  Combined with the mountains to the south and the cool breeze, Fosilni Breg Sauvignon Blanc exhibits the origin-accentuated qualities of mineral, peaches, herb, and pepper, capturing the geology’s specific essence.  Armin’s commitment to biodynamic methods translates to the one hundred percent handworked nature of Domaine Ciringa and the exceptional production of his Fosilni Breg (literally Fossil Mountain) Sauvignon Blanc. Truly the definition of a wine reflecting its origins, Fosilni Breg Sauvignon Blanc has garnered the Slovenian designation of, “Vrhunsko Vino ZGP,” awarded only for premium quality wine.

Winemaker Armin Tement
Family Manfred (father), Heidimarie (mother), Stefan (brother), Monika (wife), Johan (son), and Josephina (daughter)
Region Štajerska Slovenija
Town Ciringa
Vineyards Fosilni Breg
Domaine Ciringa Vineyard