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Dos Cabezas

“All the beautiful stuff comes from the edge of disaster.”  -Todd Bostock

Founded in a farming community south of  Willcox, Dos Cabezas WineWorks has been producing innovative wines from the particularly challenging terroir of Arizona’s high desert for over two decades. In 1995 Al Buhl, a pioneer of Arizona viticulture, planted the 80-acre Cimarron Vineyard in Kansas Settlement with unconventional varieties like Malvasia Bianca, and Dos Cabezas was born. In 2006, new owners Kelly and Todd Bostock moved the winery north to Sonoita. With their unique approach to winemaking and willingness to eschew convention, the Bostocks are well suited to the often precarious enterprise of desert winemaking.

Sourcing high-quality grapes from two estate vineyards now, after adding the Pronghorn Vineyard in Sonoita, Kelly and Todd have developed a deep understanding, both of their region and the techniques necessary to create wines which express the high desert terroir. While the soils of the original Cimarron Vineyard are mostly calcium-rich caliche, the newer Pronghorn site boasts deeper, loamy soil producing higher yields.

Under the expert direction of Kelly and Todd, these elements are combined to produce unique, fascinating, award-winning wines which honestly and boldly express the terroir found in this little corner of Arizona. While Todd is in the vineyard or cellar, you can find Kelly busy as the president of the Arizona Vignerons Alliance (AVA), and they have recently partnered with like-minded Arizona businesses to open Garage East, a funky wine bar/shop/restaurant in Gilbert. Respected wine critics Stuart Pigott and Jon Bonne have both lauded Dos Cabezas’ wines. Stuart touted the Meskeoli as the “Riesling innovation of the year” in 2015, while Jon found their El Campo red blend exciting enough to name them one of Ten Winemakers to Watch in 2015. Kelly and Todd’s wines have garnered favorable mentions in many other publications as well, among them Food and Wine Magazine, Men’s Health, and




Family Paula Bostock (Mother), Frank Bostock (Father), Parker (Son), Griffin (Son), Closie Dogstock (Dog), Speeder and Heider Catstock (Cats)
Region Sonoita AVA and Willcox AVA
Town Sonoita and Willcox, Arizona
Vineyards Cimarron, Pronghorn
Dos Cabezas WineWorks Vineyard