Johanneshof Reinisch


Christian, Hannes and Michael

“Three Brothers – Two Terroirs – One Vision”

A brief 30-minute drive south of Vienna will bring you to the door of Johanneshof Reinisch.  Located in Austria’s historic Thermenregion, the Reinisch family is producing wine in the fourth generation, with the current winemaking team comprised of three brothers: Hannes, Christian and Michael. With a 2,000 year legacy of wine growing in the region, the Reinisch’s maintain Thermenregion traditions with vineyards planted to 65 % red and 35 % white vines.  The Thermenregion acquired this name, in part, from geothermal hot springs that flow under the vineyards here, contributing to favorable wine growing conditions for finicky varieties like Pinot Noir. Best known for their excellent Pinot Noir and St. Laurent, there is a particular focus at Johanneshof Reinisch on the Burgundy varieties. Their Pinot Noir vines grow in vineyards from both the stony, alluvial gravel soils of Tattendorf near the winery and the elevated, nutrient rich soils of Gumpoldskirchen. As a family that tends its own vine nursery, local grapes and traditions are important, and in their Gumpoldskirchen vineyards the indigenous grape varieties Rotgipfler and Zierfandler are cultivated. There are roughly 100 hectares (247 acres) remaining in the world of these two indigenous white varieties making the Reinisch’s offerings an unusual glimpse into Austria’s wine roots. The Reinisch family farms organically and takes their thoughtful approach from vineyard to cellar to bottle.

Winemaker Hannes Reinisch, Head Winemaker
Family Three brothers: Hannes, Christian and Michael - all make wine and run the family business together. Michael is the export director for the US market.
Region Thermenregion
Town Gumpoldskirchen, Tattendorf
Vineyards Grillenhügel, Frauenfeld, Holzspur, Satzing, Spiegel
Favorite Food Whatever our mother, Veronika, makes for lunch!
Johanneshof Reinisch Vineyard