Pinot Noir

Originally from Burgundy, Pinot Noir has been emerging as an important grape for Austrian winemakers.  It was first planted by Cistercian monks in Austria’s Thermenregion when they settled there in the 12th century, but cultivation has since spread to include many other areas of Austria. While not as finicky as its cousin, St. Laurent, it still requires skill and attention on the part of the winemaker to coax a great wine from it. In the skilled hands of Familie Reinisch, Pinot Noir grapes produce uniquely structured wines, known for reflecting the specific character of their terroir. The underlying earthiness of these wines, combined with their easygoing nature, give them a reputation as one of the finest “food wines.”

Country Austria
Appellation Thermenregion
Color Red
Variety 100% Pinot Noir
225 Meters
Alluvial Land
vine age
5 - 30 years