Rotgipfler (Rot-GIP-fler) is one of Austria’s most treasured grape varieties, not to mention the most rare.  A natural crossing of Traminer and Roter Veltliner, Rotgipfler is indigenous to the Thermenregion of Austria, however some evidence suggests it may have originated further south in Styria. Though a white grape, the variety got its name (“rot” is the German word for red) for the red veins of its leaves and its reddish-bronze vine shoots. The terroir of the Thermenregion is uniquely suited for the needs of this grape. The vines benefit from the effects of the Pannonian climate, with its hot summer and dry autumns, and an average of 1,800 hours of sunshine during the year.  Rotgipfler is a great “bridge” variety, it has something for every palate: Tropical fruits that lead into a supple, mid-palate and a crisp, acidic finish.  In between the broad strokes, you can smell and taste a bit of nuttiness and subtle, savory herbs.
Country Austria
Appellation Thermenregion
Exposition of Vineyard Southeast
Color White
Variety 100% Rotgiplfer
260-300 Meters
Brown-Earth Conglomerate
vine age
7 - 20 years