Peter Veyder-Malberg


Handarbeit Strip Label
Look for this label “Handarbeit” meaning handcrafted on Veyder-Malberg’s bottles

“Now I know that there is no single way.  You just have to get to know your vineyards.  Perhaps it is like your children.”  A newcomer to the Wachau, Peter Veyder – Malberg (pronounced Feyder – Malberg) is engulfed in deep exploration of the region’s history, microclimates, terroirs and characters.  Farming vineyard sites from the coolest microclimates to the warmest microclimates, Peter’s wines are clearly a fresh and authentic impression of the Wachau.  Vintage 2008 was his first to farm in this historic Danube influenced region, and vintage 2008 is the first he has exported to the United States.  An experienced winemaker, with more than 20 harvests in Austria and abroad, as well as a dedicated organic farmer, Peter is eager to share the results of his quest for exceptional, expressive and vibrant wines.  Look for the “handarbeit” signature on Peter’s bottles, an indication that his wines are “handmade.”

Winemaker Peter Veyder-Malberg
Region Wachau
Town Spitz
Vineyards Brandstatt, Bruck, Buschenberg, Hochrain, Kreutles, and Weitenberg
Astrological Sign Sagittarius
You Can Find Me Working in my vineyards and talking to my vines
Peter Veyder-Malberg Vineyard