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Circo Vino, loosely translated as “Wine Circus,” is a fine wine importer that offers serious artistry and joyful pleasure in our portfolio selection.  Specializing in wines from unique terroirs, crafted by wine farmers who take great care from vineyard to table, our wines bring stories, education and experiences. We invite you to join our circus of sublime wine – a collaborative performance between mother nature, the grower and you.

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Knoll’s Riesling and Thanksgiving Wines

Tasting Table, @TastingTable, has some great suggestions from sommeliers around the nation for great #ThanksgivingWines. Brian Kalliel of Mélisse in Santa Monica recommends #Knoll Federspiel #Riesling. We agree!! #AustrianWine #Wachau #RieslingisWinning

Graham Tatomer’s Translation of Austrian Riesling

More publicity for #CA winemaker #GrahamTatomer whose visceral translation of #Austrian #Riesling is something to behold. In a world that’s “all about me,” it’s impressive that @TatomerWines #Tatomer continually tips his hat to his time with the #Knoll Family in the famed #Wachau appellation – citing them as a great influence and inspiration. His direct and electrifying wines are a perfect bridge for those who would like to better understand Austrian style Riesling but may be shy to jump in to trying wine from an unfamiliar place. Plus, he’s a fantastic winemaker across the board; check out his wines. Way to go Graham!

Wines Soon to be on the List at The Coronet

Had a lovely appointment in the Old Pueblo (#tucson homeschool) at #TheCoronet. We have some wines soon to be on the list. Tucson you need to go to The Coronet. The treats are delish and I can’t wait to go in for Breakfast/Brunch. -SJB #Sattlerhof #VeyderMalberg (4 photos)

Orange Wine in Austrian Wine USA

Enlightening article via Austrian Wine USA on Orange Wine. What is it, you ask? Click the link below to find out and look for Weingut Fred Loimer‘s Achtung! Gemischter Satz.

Congratulations to Pizzini and Brescianini in Sustainable Development

This is a really big deal!! An award to a winery for work in sustainable development – Congratulations to Barone Pizzini, and managing director #SilvanoBrescianini for his passionate work and investment in world class winemaking and farming that will benefit all of us for generations to come. @pizziniblog @silvanobrecian #ItalianWine #Franciacorta #Pievalta #Marche#WW

Wines from Weingut Claus Preisinger and Knoll Arrived in Texas

TEXAS!!!! Roll the Dice with wines from Weingut Claus Preisinger and revel in the classic goodness of the wines of #Knoll! St. Urban has landed at #VincentHendersonSelections#AustrianWine #Wachau#BurgenlandBiodynamics

Austrian Wine for the Holidays

Thanksgiving is next week! It’s not too late to get your Austrian Wine on this holiday season. Check this link for some ideas! #AustrianWineUSA#TurkeyTime #BFFF

The IPO Wines Team in NYC

What a lovely morning in NYC with the team at  IPO Wines, @ipowines!! A staff that is knowledgable, eager and ready-to-go paired with some #lushacidgoodness is a #Monday winner if ever I had one! Thanks team IPO for being incredible!! #winelife #NYC @SariyaJB – SJB
Mondays can be rough, but starting the week off with an amazing tasting with Sariya of Circo Vino is the way to do it! #winelife #Austria

Weninger Kollektion Boxes Ready

Well, I think we’ll be needing some of these Weninger Kollektion boxes…any wine that is ready to rumble needs to rumble along over here!!

Claus Preisinger’s Pinot Blanc is Grabbing Attention

#ClausPreisinger‘s, Weingut Claus Preisinger ’s, Edelgraben #PinotBlanc is grabbing the attention of the German speaking world. Rightfully So! Even if you do not read German, this blogpost by budisfoodblog is worth looking at just for the pictures. #scoringinGols #notjustaredwinewonder