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Circo Vino, loosely translated as “Wine Circus,” is a fine wine importer that offers serious artistry and joyful pleasure in our portfolio selection.  Specializing in wines from unique terroirs, crafted by wine farmers who take great care from vineyard to table, our wines bring stories, education and experiences. We invite you to join our circus of sublime wine – a collaborative performance between mother nature, the grower and you.

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Austrian Rieslings Set a High, Dry Standard

‪#‎FeatureFriday‬ Eric Asimov of the New York Times has dubbed Peter Veyder-Malburg’s Riesling Bruck 2013 his No.1! Check out his informative article. He also mentions Emmerich Knoll. Thank you, Eric! ‪#‎AustrianWineUSA‬ ‪#‎Riesling‬

Read article here.

Everything You Need to Know about Austrian Wine

‪#‎Austrian‬ Wine at a glance! Check it out. via Austrian Wine USA.

Where St. Laurent Finds Its Zen

Indigenous to Austria, with parentage steeped in mystery, the ‪#‎SanktLaurent‬ grape finds its Zen in the alluvial limestone soils of the ‪#‎Thermenregion‬. Michael Reinisch of Familie ‪#‎Reinisch‬ shows us how it’s done! Prost!  ‪#‎AustrianWineUSA‬

Watch video here!

Knoll for Decades from Rosemary Gray

‪#‎TBT‬ to Rosemary Gray’s, co-founder of Sherryfest, brilliant article about Knoll wines. Gray has had the privilege of tasting ‪#‎Knoll‬ wines dating back to the ‘50s and argues that his wines “have the most magnificent aging potential of all white wine in the world.” Lucky for us though, she states, “you don’t have to wait decades for these wines to resolve themselves.” So this Thursday, either throw it way back by picking up a well-aged bottle of Knoll or try one of Gray’s 2012 selections. Prost!

Article link.

The Austrian Cure from Chasing the Vine

Beautifully well written article from Lauren Mowery. Posted last year, Chasing the Vine is in the running for the Wine Blog Awards! Definitely worth the read.  ‪#‎TBT‬ ‪#‎AustrianWineUSA‬

Article link.

The “Natural Cork vs Alternative Closure Wars”

What type of closure is at the top of your wine bottle? Get the scoop on the “Natural vs. Alternative Closure Wars” from the Wine Economist. With a low rate of corked bottles, many of the wineries we work with have found that it is best to use alternative closures for their younger, fresher wines and still bottle the reserve wines under natural cork. ‪#‎AustrianWine‬

Article link.

Find Groiss at PMG, the “Hidden Gem” in Boulder

Colorado Friends, if you haven’t already made it to this, “. . .hidden gem,” you’re missing out. Find a bottle of Ingrid Groiss Grüner or Gemischter Satz.  ‪#‎AustrianWineUSA‬ ‪#‎Boulder‬ ‪#‎PMG‬

Weningers Considered the Pioneers of Biodynamic Viticulture in Austria

Yes, the article is in German, but it’s definitely worth the read. Find out why Franz R. Weninger and his father can be considered the pioneers of biodynamic viticulture in Austria.  ‪#‎Biodynamic‬ ‪#‎BFFF‬ ‪#‎AustrianWineUSA‬
Article link.

Throwback Series Feat. Domaine Ciringa

It’s Thursday and we are coming to the end of our throwback series from our Bottlenotes & Brushstrokes ‪#‎winegallery‬ event w/ UGallery.com. We have truly enjoyed getting to know John Diehl, @TheBeardBaron1, and his winemaker-inspired paintings with you. This week we are featuring Diehl’s painting inspired by Armin Tement of Domaine Ciringa. Armin describes, “Every vine in its terroir is unique and you have to treat every vine individually.” While each of Diehl’s paintings was approached with the same technique, they were treated individually depending on the inspiration from the corresponding interview. As a farewell to this series, we will raise our glasses to the people who made this night of wine and art possible. Prost! Happy ‪#‎TBT‬!

Blind Tasting of Alsatian and Austrian Rieslings

Enlightening read on the nuances between Alsatian and Austrian Rieslings.