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Circo Vino, loosely translated as “Wine Circus,” is a fine wine importer that offers serious artistry and joyful pleasure in our portfolio selection.  Specializing in wines from unique terroirs, crafted by wine farmers who take great care from vineyard to table, our wines bring stories, education and experiences. We invite you to join our circus of sublime wine – a collaborative performance between mother nature, the grower and you.

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Claus Preisinger Article

Yes, the article is in German but for all you Wine Circus fans no matter the language you speak, you’ll get the point.  #ClausPreisinger is the man who will keep surprising you because every time you turn around he’s making something else that is fabulous…#PinotNoir like this article states…but what about his #PinotBlanc? or #GrunerVeltliner…not to mention all that sexy Zweigelt that put him on the map in the beginning. That Felix the Cat shirt sure is appropriate because The Man has a magic bag of tricks!!
Weingut Claus Preisinger

Aldo Sohm’s Tips for Buying Great Wine

Happy Friday! Check out Aldo Sohm’s tips for buying great wine. We agree with his assessment of 2013 Austrian Whites. Fabulous! From Esquire magazine.

Weingut Johanneshof Reinisch in Wall Street Journal

Wall Street Journal lists Weingut Johanneshof Reinisch‘s Zweigelt 2012 as one of their “Three Wines to Excite the Palate!” Prost! #AustrianWineUSA
Austrian Wine


Name Those Hands Answer

Well, if you played Name Those Hands! yesterday and you guessed that they belong to the vineyard bobsledding captain and winemaker Willi Sattler of #Sattlerhof- YOU WERE RIGHT! If you were the first one to guess correctly…a Steirische Win… See More (4 photos)
Sattlerhof Wines in the Vineyards

Answers to Name Those Hands

Good Morning! Good Afternoon! Good Evening! The answers to #NameThoseHands will appear at 10:45am USA MST time. Win a #TBT treat by looking at the pics we posted yesterday and guessing the owner of these hands. Super fun guessing game – go to our website www.circovino.com to see if you can give yourself some hints. Its one of our winemakers for sure!!!

Circo Vino Loves Italian Wines

Circo Vino’s secret love affair with Italian wines is not a secret anymore! With organically made #BaronePizzini #Franciacorta and Pievalta Azienda Agricola- Viticoltura Biodinamica in the wheelhouse, we are just reveling in using our hands to speak while we gesture wildly towards these delicious wines. #ItalianWine #SlowWine #Drinkwithflorish

Name These Hands, Win Wine

Name these hands! Who’s hands are these? Where does this person make wine? What guesses do you have about these soil types? We’ll reveal the answers tomorrow but the first person to guess person and place wins a bottle of wine made by these hands. Circo Vino distributors and distributor sales people unfortunately may not play the game, but may provide helpful hints. Happy #WineWednesday #WW (8 photos)

Winemaker's hands

Austria’s Red Wine Renaissance Event

Checking back on the Revival, Renewal, Rediscovery: Austria’s Red Wine Renaissance Event in NYC leads us to believe it was super! Have look at some of the photos. Prost! #Weninger #Preisinger #AustrianWineUSA
copyright David Plakke
Austria's Red Wine Renaissance

All Souls Weekend

On this All Souls weekend, the #winecircus is pitching tents early and in uniform today! Chicagoland and Sepia @sepiachicago @candidwines @somm_arthurhon we can’t wait to be back in the Windy City. #diodelosmeurtes #AustrianWine #lushacid #heavenissturbanonalabel @jonvino

Knoll Schütt

Great Recognition for Pievalta Azienda Agricola- Viticoltura Biodinamica

Great recognition for Pievalta Azienda Agricola- Viticoltura Biodinamica from Slow Wine Magazine! Numbers 2 and 3 for San Paulo in their Top Ten for older Verdicchio vintages. Congratulations!
Chi lo ha detto che i bianchi italiani non reggono alla prova del tempo?
Nel terzo numero di Slow Wine Magazine si degustano vecchie annate di Verdicchio (2004-2006) a dimostrazione che il vitigno autoctono marchigiano non teme il trascorrere degli anni.
Il San Paolo supera egregiamente la prova e fa podio in entrambe le annate:-)