Weingut MAD

Tobias and Sebastian

“Strongly rooted and a little crazy.” – Sebastian Siess

Weingut MAD is truly a family affair. Built in 1786, this now 50-hectare estate in Oggau is owned by Tobias and Sebastian Siess, the 8th generation of the Mad family. Three families run the winery, but they seamlessly work as one: Tobias serves as winemaker while brother Sebastian and his wife Barbara help helm the ship. Maria Siess and her husband, Matthias, head up sales. Sister Rafaela works administration, and her husband, Christian, heads up wine production. Even their grandparents Maria and Wilhelm still work by taking care of the on-site restaurant Gutsgasthaus Herztröpferl and overseeing vineyard care.

The estate is in Oggau in Burgenland, specifically the Leithaberg DAC on the west side of Lake Neusiedl. It comprises multiple vineyards in a highly sought-after area known for its unique combination of elevation on the Leitha Mountains and the warming effects of the nearby lake. The soil in this area even has its own moniker, “Leithakalk,” or a mix of white limestone next to brown shale. The esteemed Marienthal vineyard has always been in the hands of the Mad family, and this site, known for its Leitha limestone, produces spectacular wines from Merlot and one of Austria’s red wine darlings, Blaufrankisch. The MAD family has a long history of tending these vineyards, with not only its indigenous varieties but also its international grapes having been planted at the site in 1982. 

Beyond the vines, production is about innovation, care, and being a little “mad.” Always known for their experimental styles, their wines are fermented and aged in multiple types of vessels from steel to 225-liter barriques—whatever “crazy” methods it may take to produce the best expression of their terroir and style. 

It’s only natural for such a family-oriented winery to remember their future generations, including Sebastian and Barbara’s young son Frederick. So they are committed to creating a sustainable future by using minimal plastics, local suppliers, and their photovoltaic system to turn sunlight into electric energy. They have been certified Sustainable Austria since 2016.

Winemaker Tobias Siess
Family Sebastian Siess (brother) and his wife Barbara, Maria Siess and Matthias (mother and father), sister Rafaela and her husband Christian (Händler), grandparents Maria and Wilhelm Mad
Region Burgenland
Town Oggau
Vineyards Altenberg, Ehn, Hölzlstein, Isel, Loisland, Marienthal, Neugerbirge, Pratschweingarten, Steinhut
Weingut MAD Vineyard