About Us

Founder, Sariya Jarasviroj Brown with VP Operations, Louis Jarasviroj

Mission Statement

Circo Vino began in 2009 with a dedication to find flexible avenues to encourage direct imports of artisanal wines from unique terroirs to the USA marketplace. We believe that sublime wine is a result of the collaborative relationship between mother nature, the grower and the consumer. The ultimate connection we seek to create is between the grower and those who appreciate his or her wines. With this in mind, we specialize in Direct Import Facilitation, focusing on emerging state markets that need assistance in directly importing wine as well as helping established markets simplify their Direct Import structure. We seek wines that demonstrate a sense of place and a singularity of style – wines that make us say “Yes! this is it!” While we gravitate towards wines that are farmed in low-impact ways and handled gently, we prefer to work with winery partners who grow wines with both a respect for tradition and a sustainable vision for the future, whatever their methodology. We love working with partners that infuse humor and creativity into our work and are interested in reaching the dinner tables of American wine drinkers as well as retail shelves and restaurant wine lists. Our ultimate goal is to expand exposure and availability of the wines we champion to markets large and small by facilitating direct imports and, therefore, keeping wine well cared for, current and available at modest prices.

We never pass up an opportunity to share knowledge and wine.

Our Company

Circo Vino (pronounced Chir-co Vee-no) is loosely translated as “Wine Circus” in Italian. Circo Vino serves as a national importer for the United States and is licensed to sell to wholesalers nationwide. Circo Vino acts as the main sales, marketing and public relations entity for its winery partners. Circo Vino does not have a centralized office or warehouse, preferring to utilize a virtual office and current technology to centralize company communication. Circo Vino has significant relationships with shipping agencies and warehouses nationally and internationally that assist us in our flexible and fresh shipping design.