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Weninger – Sopron/Balf


Perhaps one of the oldest rituals in human culture, the celebration and observance of the Winter Solstice has given rise to scores of traditions and practices, as people have sought to define their place in the universe during this time of transition. Whatever your traditions are this Holiday Season, it can be agreed that these […]

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It’s the Schütt! Much like you #Damien! Repost from @candid_wines using @RepostRegramApp – Tonight we are pouring five Rieslings from #emmerichknoll for @flickwine and their guests. Included is the 2015 Schutt Smaragd, and so we share this fine memory of Damien taking a (close look at) Schutt in the Wachau. #austrianwine

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Two of our favorites, @DosCabezas and @sand_reckoner , show up in Wine Enthusiast’s rundown on lesser-known warm we… https://t.co/H3lbn42kqA

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If you only travel to one wine destination this year, make it the #Wachau! #DrinkAustrianWine https://t.co/ZFuq0avQzo