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Although news of an accord between France’s President Macron and U.S. President Trump hit the headlines today – this was in sole regards to halting a proposed 100% U.S. tariff on sparkling wine from France related to the Digital Service Tax. This is good news! Yet, the looming, proposed 100% U.S. tariff to all wines […]

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The current proposed 100% tariffs on all wines from the EU is still a possibility. The decision attached to the #wto #civilaircraft dispute still remains undecided. Tariffs will affect our domestic market through supply chain pressure and loss of relationships. Reflecting on the importance of #internationalrelations, here’s one from the vault! As we approach this […]

Repost from @drinkeatlove using @RepostRegramApp – The fight continues. Small business are still at threat. Please continue to contact your local elected officials. Your help is vital and will help save jobs. (See link in bio)

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@SenatorSinema I am your constituent, small national wine import business owner in #Tucson. I have contacted all of… https://t.co/H3ZzjfGS6i

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