Günter & Regina Triebaumer


“Adhere to traditions as long as they are suitable. Take advantage of techniques as long as they are sensible.”

Since 1691, the Triebaumer family has been a Burgenland fixture, growing and vinifying regional specialties. The latest generation of Triebaumers to helm the historic winery are Günter and Regina, both of whom took the long road to a career of viticulture. Günter and Regina traveled all over the world, absorbing different winemaking philosophies and styles, before settling back in Burgenland to focus on their roots. Their extensive travel and open-mindedness has led them to a unique approach to Burgenland winemaking, combining modern techniques and practices with a deep respect for tradition to produce some of the most exciting wines to come out of the region.

Farming 25 hectares in and around the historic town of Rust, the Triebaumers work in harmony with nature, eschewing the use of herbicides and pesticides in favor of low-impact practices. Their philosophy is, above all, pragmatic, employing mechanical clearing of weeds and using an ingenious pheromone method to control the destructive grape moth. By combining modern thinking with old-school respect for nature, Günter and Regina have upheld the Triebaumer legacy and brought it into the 21st century with grace.

The Triebaumers focus on Burgenland varieties and styles, staying true to the region’s traditions. Variations in soil types around Rust allow the Triebaumers  to match  grape varieties to soil types which best suit them. Zweigelt flourishes in the sandy soils to the south, while Blaufränkisch thrives in the mixture of limestone and clay to the north. Also notable is the winery’s Ruster Ausbruch, a nobly sweet Tokaji-style dessert wine that is traditional to the area.


Winemaker Günter Triebaumer
Family Günter, Regina
Region Burgenland
Town Rust
Vineyards Geyerumriss, Gillesberg, Satz, Plachen, Oberer Wald
Astrological Sign Cancer
You Can Find Me Reading, hiking, cooking, and spending time with family and friends.
Favorite Food Tafelspitz, Zweibelrostbraten (roast beef with onions), steak.
Günter & Regina Triebaumer Vineyard