Braunstein Brothers

Felix and Max

Felix and Max are the identical twin sons of Burgenland’s own biodynamic maven, Birgit Braunstein. Having grown up on the family’s 400-year-old estate in Purbach, under tutelage from their pioneering mother, it was only a matter of time before the brothers sought to make their own mark on the wine world. Gleaned from countless hours in the vineyard and cellar alongside their mother, the brothers possess an innate knowledge of wine as well as a unique Waldorf education-inspired world view, emphasizing harmony between humans and nature. Indeed, Birgit helped to found the area’s only Waldorf school in the early 2000s, unsatisfied with the educational status quo for her sons.

While winemaking may be an instinct to the brothers, their pedigree unmatched, both Felix and Max have also attended wine school at one of Austria’s finest institutions. Max has international experience under his belt, having apprenticed in Australia during harvest. Both young men are avid amateur boxers, drawing parallels to the fancy footwork required in the ring to the precise handwork necessary in their vineyards. True to form, in the cellar, Felix and Max take a hands-off approach with spontaneous fermentation de rigueur. Diversity in their winemaking includes whole cluster in multiple types of fermentation vessels for one wine, from amphora to wood to stainless steel. Felix and Max’s wines are bottled unfiltered and sans sulfur.

Beginning with vintage 2020, Felix and Max have begun their wine saga with no less than three offerings under the eponymous Braunstein Brothers label. Ever eco-conscious, they have chosen to eschew paper labels for their wines in favor of a bold personalized design etched and colored directly on the bottles. Reminiscent of modern collage, the design contains elements and imagery Felix and Max connect with most strongly, from a cow horn representing their dedication to biodynamics to an ancient helm calling back to Burgenland’s Celtic roots. With biodynamic viticulture practically in their blood, the brothers offer fresh styles of Burgenland standards, respectfully crafted and, most importantly, fun to drink.

Winemaker Felix and Max
Family Birgit (mother)
Region Burgenland
Town Purbach
Vineyards Goldberg, Heide, Prinzen
You Can Find Me Duking it out in the ring against my bro
Braunstein Brothers Vineyard