Founder, Sariya Jarasviroj Brown

Founder, Sariya Jarasviroj Brown discovered that it pays to follow your nose. In an event that she characterizes as the moment she took “that left turn at Albuquerque,” Sariya left her pursuit of an academic career to follow her passion for wine.

Her first “real job” in the wine business with, one man show, Robert Tucker Selections found her wrangling wine in the 100° F, Sonoran Desert weather. Guided by the strength of a death-defying, international portfolio of wines,  Sariya blindly set out to learn and do anything the wine industry offered her. The tightrope of wine led her to work as Portfolio Manager at Quail Distributing of Arizona and then as Western Regional Manager at Vin Divino Ltd.

Sariya previously managed wine portfolios from every major wine-growing region in the world. She developed a particular passion for cool climate, indigenous grape varieties that haunt the palate with their historicity and authenticity. During her time at Vin Divino, Sariya was charmed by the quality of Austrian wines. While her palate was raised on country wines from France and Italy, it was the passion she found in Austrian vignerons that lit the fuse for her own journey as an importer.

While the heart of Circo Vino beats to a decidedly Austrian drum, Sariya is always looking for the right winery partners to complete this band of performers. For example, in 2016, during what can only be characterized as a groove from the heart, Circo Vino began working, nationaly, with three Arizonan wineries. In 2013, Sariya’s brother, Louis Jarasviroj, joined the team as VP of Operations and Roustabout effectively making Circo Vino a family run show. Running a wine circus is serious business; there are animals to tame, slight-of-hand artists to manage and numerous balancing acts. She hopes that the work Circo Vino does behind the scenes will allow you to simply, sit, sip and enjoy the show. Come along #withthewinecircus!