Our Winery Partners

Talent, intuition, creativity, hard work and a sense of humor…

Birgit Braunstein

Birgit Braunstein vinified her first wine in 1996. Her approach to her craft is perfectly described on her website, handling her vines and wines “with mindfulness, conscientiousness, and intention.” This makes sense, knowing that Birgit co-founded the first Waldorf school in Burgenland and is an avid student of qi gong, an ancient Chinese practice integrating […]

Braunstein Brothers

Felix and Max are the identical twin sons of Burgenland’s own biodynamic maven, Birgit Braunstein. Having grown up on the family’s 400-year-old estate in Purbach, under tutelage from their pioneering mother, it was only a matter of time before the brothers sought to make their own mark on the wine world. Gleaned from countless hours […]

Domaine Bernhard & Reibel

In the Alsace region, in the extreme northeast corner of France, near to the German border, the best wine growing areas can be found in the 115 by 25 mile wide strip of land protected by the Vosges Mountains in the west and bordered by the Rhine River to the east. This region has been […]

Emmerich Knoll

Emmerich Knoll III, an exuberant spokesperson for the Wachau region, farms the family’s 15 hectares of land and crafts wines that clearly express the Unterloiben terroir where some of Austria’s most famous vineyards can be found. This family run winery is a treasure that has been estate owned and operated for over three generations.  The […]

Günter & Regina Triebaumer

“Adhere to traditions as long as they are suitable. Take advantage of techniques as long as they are sensible.” Since 1691, the Triebaumer family has been a Burgenland fixture, growing and vinifying regional specialties. The latest generation of Triebaumers to helm the historic winery are Günter and Regina, both of whom took the long road […]

Hajszan Neumann

Vienna, or Wien as the locals call it, is the only city in the world where vineyards flourish inside city limits. Steeped in history, the Nussberg vineyard sites are situated near the Grinzing suburb above the city center and are the homes to some of the oldest vines in Austria, if not the most storied. From […]

Hannes Haiden

The winery and estate producing Hannes Haiden’s wines contained a mere 1.5 hectares of vineyards built by a cooperative in the 1960s and then stayed in Haiden’s family. From his grandfather, he inherited a love for tending vineyards and his own heuriger, or tavern, where local winemakers can serve their new wines during a growing […]


The Malat Winery, located on the south bank of the Danube River in the Kremstal districtus of Austria, has been producing exceptional wines since 1722.  Ninth generation winemaker Michael has continued this tradition, taking over the fifty hectare estate from his pioneering father Gerald in 2008.  Michael studied horticulture in Vienna and developed his mastery […]

Stift Göttweig

One of the oldest known wineries in Austria, Stift Göttweig has been producing wine since the Middle Ages. Located in the Kremstal districtus, the twenty-six hectares of vineyards at an altitude of 449 meters is situated on the southern banks of the Danube, at the eastern edge of the famous Wachau wine-growing region. The estate […]

Weingut MAD

“Strongly rooted and a little crazy.” – Sebastian Siess Weingut MAD is truly a family affair. Built in 1786, this now 50-hectare estate in Oggau is owned by Tobias and Sebastian Siess, the 8th generation of the Mad family. Three families run the winery, but they seamlessly work as one: Tobias serves as winemaker while […]


In the town of Dobermannsdorf, less than an hour’s drive Northwest of Vienna and a stone’s throw from Austria’s shared borders with Czechia and Slovakia, Weingut WEINWURMs is reimagining possibilities in their corner of the Weinviertel. Anton Weinwurm founded the winery in the 1950s with his supposed plantings of Grüner Veltliner. These grapevines turned out […]