Today we’d like to introduce you to another red #AustrianWine. “St. Laurent” (Sankt Laurent), is the most widely planted red grape variety in the Czech Republic and the third most popular red grape variety in Austria. Laurent grapes are named for the patron saint of the poor, St. Lawrence of Rome, whose feast day on August 10th coincides with the ripening of St. Laurent grapes. A relationship to Pinot Noir has always been suspected due to great structural similarities. Despite this resemblance we have known for quite some time that St. Laurent possesses certain anthocyanins (pigment, responsible for colour in red wine) that are not present in the Pinot family. St. Laurent wines tend to be strong on dark fruit flavors (especially cherry), with pronounced but soft tannins and good, acid-balanced structure. They are of high quality and have good ageability. We find that it is a versatile partner with all kinds of food, from babaghanoush to dim sum, roasted meats and game birds in general but some specific recommendations include: – Blackened pork with apple sauce – Barbecued beef ribs with caramelized onions – Vegetables and mild cheese Thanks to The Wine Cellar Insider© and Austrian Wine© for part of this info.