Cooling temperatures mean it’s time for Austrian reds! Which is your favorite? Will you choose a Zweigelt, a Blaufränkisch, a St. Laurent, a Pinot Noir or go for something a bit different? Here’s a brief overview of some of our favorites: 🍷Blaufränkisch: We often describe the native Blaufränkisch as our flagship red variety. The wines offer a complex palate of acidity, spice, and fruit – red berries – with a dense structure and prominent tannins. Blaufränkisch is truly a “wine lovers wine”. 🍷Zweigelt (Rotburger): A young grape created in 1922, Zweigelt quickly became the most popular red variety to grow in Austria. Often juicy, with soft tannins and bursting with cherry flavors, this wine is definitely a crowd pleaser! (hint: perfect holiday wine!) 🍷Sankt Laurent (St. Laurent): A relative to Pinot Noir, delivers dark, sturdy, fruity and piquant red wines with Morello cherry notes. They are of high quality and have good age-ability. Sankt Laurent is a specialty variety and is most-often found in the Thermenregion and in Burgenland. Because its notoriously hard to farm, however, there are very few plantings. 🍷Pinot Noir: Perhaps the most internationally famous variety of this bunch, but the least-known from Austria. Pinot Noir from Austria is often delicate with typical aromas from red berries (strawberry, raspberry, morello cherry), forest soil and dried plums. Pinot Noir can be found primarily throughout Lower Austria & Burgenland. What are you reaching for this month? 👇❤ 📸©Blickwerk/AWMB