Wine health is a really contentious topic: but it has way more to do with our mental health than we often give it credit for. Research has found that alcohol releases dopamine, the neurotransmitter largely responsible for experiencing pleasure. What’s more, hydroxytrosol, a phenolic compound and antioxidant present in wine and olive oil, aids the ethanol assisted release of dopamine. Win win! Resveratrol in wine has shown to have neuroprotective effects, including protection against the damage that leads to Alzheimer’s and dementia. A major Spanish study has found an association between low to moderate alcohol intake and with lower rates of depression. However, anything above “moderate” drinking appears to increase the risk (this goes for any other health conditions). I know we’re all wine fans here, but what do you think? Where does the juice stop being worth the squeeze (so to speak). Repost from Wine Folly #winehealth #winefacts #withthewinecircus