It’s Game Day and we’d like to share with you some interesting statistics around football, women and of course, wine 🏈🍷🙋 No surprise, the female football fanbase is substantial. In fact, it’s held steady at about 46%-47% of total viewership from Super Bowl XLVII in 2014 to Super Bowl LII in 2018. Women contribute greatly to growing segments across the adult beverage landscape. Marketers in the adult beverage industry are shifting from a once male-dominated marketing mindset to one with a more balanced, female focus—and with good reason. Wine reigns supreme with women, remaining the most popular alcohol for off-premise sales among women. The base of female football fans, defined as women 21+ who watched regular season NFL or the Super Bowl, have upped the ante for adult beverage consumption across the board. With regard to wine, 11% of female football fans drink Pinot Grigio. Female or male, Super Bowl viewers continue to gravitate to the internet to make their alcohol purchases. Online wine sales jumped 46% fromon Super Bowl Sunday in 2017 to 2018. Info by #Cheers #HappySunday #NFLSunday #SuperBowl