How did we miss this great spotlight on #WeingutKnoll? #heavenissturbanonalabel Thanks to @michaelsgenuine a repost from @RepostRegramApp – For this week’s #winewednesday @skillyvanilly takes us to the Wachau, Austria, where some of the world’s greatest #Riesling is produced: “Among the top winemakers in Austria, and one of the few who plants as much Riesling as he does Gruner Veltliner, is Emmerich Knoll III. Emmerich is a third generation producer and a leading member of the Vinea Wachau, an organization devoted to making and promoting naturalist, terroir-driven wines of the highest standard. He works in some of the greatest vineyards along the Danube River dating to the 14th century. His family is also connected to one of the best restaurants in the region, Loibnerhof Knoll, which has stood for over 400 years!On top of their reputation for peerless quality, Weingut Knoll bottles are easily identified by their iconic label, famously adorned with an image of St. Urban, the patron saint of winemakers and vineyards.Knoll’s 2013 Loibner #Federspiel (dry) Riesling is about lasersharp terroir focus, profound minerality, and food compatibility. The beautiful aromatics are delicately balanced between white flowers, wild grass, and underripe tropical and stone fruits. With an acid/mineral backbone that stands taller than most any food, it will pair up with all kinds of fare: rich cheeses, potatoes (or parsnips) au gratin, fish, chicken, pork sausage, and beyond. $60 BTB.” #mgfdwine #summerofriesling #dryriesling #weingutknoll #austrianwine #wachau #sommanager