Love wine? Read this and take action. See link in our bio. Repost from @goodvitis using @RepostRegramApp – Brent Kroll of Maxwell wine bar (DC) shares his thoughts on the threatened European wine tariffs: • “The tariffs unfortunately, are something where the magnitude won’t be felt until it’s too late. It not just ruling out some of the wines that people love from a high price point. It’s various products and the small business of an important industry. Big wines companies are much better equipped to handle this which could cause monopolies in beverage. In a country of wealth inequality, it attacks a strong US industry and furthers that gap. I’m a small business owner and self-made entrepreneur. It took me 16 years working in restaurants, before I could open my own wine bar. I have a staff of 10 and offer healthcare and education benefits to all my full time staff. My business focuses on a majority of European wines as my business model. I’m the type of person and business that gets hurt by these tariffs.” • The Trump Administration has threatened 100% tariffs on (most) European wine imports to the United States, although they may not yet be implemented. The US wine industry has responded almost entirely negatively to the announcement, which may surprise some observers. The reality, however, is that because of America’s 3-tier system of producers, distributors/importers and retailers, a reduction in European wine sales is likely to negatively affect the domestic industry. Good Vitis reached out to some of its friends in the industry and asked for their thoughts. We’re sharing responses as we get them. #wine #winetariffs #trade #jobs