Spent the day, yesterday, with @sandreckonervineyard looking at some of the penultimate #vinyard sites in #arizona?- including #redtreeranch which is about 1 hectare planted to #syrah and #fiano. Please meet Maryann (L) and Bobbie (R), a Mother and Daughter team, who own and farm this site. At nearly 1,500 meters (5,000 ft), this vineyard is about 10 years old with soils that include Sonoita Sandy Loam, alluvium of granite and gneiss from the surrounding #chiracauhua mountains, bands of Caliche Clay, and small to medium-sized stones. The vineyard is also a riparian wildlife corridor. Partnering with the Hammelmans at #sandreckonervineyards, their Syrah has been the feature in both a single vineyard expression of #SRV’s wines and also used as the star in premium blends. Sand Reckoner’s Syrahs tend towards a Northern Rhone style with a decidedly Arizonan character that tip the hat to winemaker, Rob, and his time studying and making wine in the Rhone Valley. A fun fact and bit of kismet – owner and grower, Maryann, was born in Austria to Hungarian parents and emigrated to the USA as a toddler. #arizonawine #cochisecounty #syrah #womenwinegrowers #wildlifecooridor #chiracahuamountains #vines #vineyard #azgrowswithazwine #arizonavigneronsalliance