While we didn’t think to snap a shot of the lovely @somm_arthurhon we were tickled pink to see him during the late night hours of @proxichicago. What a great space and awesome sibling to @sepiachicago! Although there was lots of hugging and chatting about his new move to @unionsquarecafe in #nyc, we were not too distracted to notice the delicious set of #austrianwine included in this quarter’s list. Things that start with an “A” and end with an “A” are getting some attention – we saw empties of #emmerichknoll wines and @malat_weingut_hotel wines headed for the back and more bottles being poured. We will miss Arthur when we are next in Chicago but certainly plan to catch him in New York! Thanks for all the amazing friendship and support in Chitown!! We love you! #champagneninja #bestdressedsomm #greathumanbeing #withthewinecircus