Riesling Trockenbeerenauslese

Singular weather conditions made 2015 a very special vintage for the Wachau. A hot summer, rainy August, and warm, mild autumn combined to allow late harvesting in all of the Wachau’s vineyards. The overripe, botrytised fruit has made for a full line of Emmerich’s celebrated dessert wines, and we are thrilled to share the fruits of this historic vintage with you.

“Trocken,” literally “dry,” refers not to the character of the finished wine, which is undoubtedly sweet, but rather to the shriveled, dried condition of the grapes due to their prolonged contact with the noble rot fungus, Botrytis cinerea.

Country Austria
Appellation Wachau
Exposition of Vineyard South
Color White
Variety 100% Riesling
220-240 Meters
Sandy Löss
vine age
10 - 50 years