Riesling “Kellerberg” Smaragd

Originating in Germany in the 1400s, Riesling is hailed the world over as one of the premier white grape varieties. The 2nd most-planted white grape in Austria, Riesling favors the stony, primary rock soils and cool climates of the Wachau. Sensitive and demanding in the vineyard due to its late ripening and susceptibility to different kinds of rot, winemakers nevertheless prize Riesling for its terroir-expressiveness, a quality that shines especially when grown in Austria’s unique Wachau. Riesling’s acidity and structure, combined with its typical flavor profile of  mineralic fruit, make it a supremely versatile food wine, pairing well with the expected white fish and pork, but also able to stand up to the spicier cuisines of India and Southeast Asia.

The cool climate and sandy soils of the Kellerberg vineyard site lend its Rieslings a fruity, intensely mineralic quality. Narrow stone terraces necessitate farming and harvesting by hand.

Country Austria
Appellation Wachau
Exposition of Vineyard Southeast
Color White
Variety 100% Riesling
250-350 Meters
Primary Rock
Sandy Löss, Gneiss
vine age
10 - 18 years
Pannonian, Continental