Brut Rosé

In Austria, quality sparkling wines are known as Sekt, a designation that is both meaningful and tightly controlled. The recently formed Austrian Sekt Committee has established a three-tier system of quality standards to classify Sekt based on harvest and production methods. This single-origin Brut comes from vines located on the Furth-Palt vineyard located on the southern border of the river Danube opposite the city of Krems on the foothills of the Stift Gottweig Monastery.

Since 1976, the Malat Brut is the first Austrian sparkling wine produced directly by the vintner. Michael’s father, Gerald, pioneered Austrian grower-produced Sekt with his landmark victory in the Austrian Supreme Court, and the Malat name has been synonymous with quality Austrian sparkling wines ever since.

Winery Malat
Country Austria
Appellation Kremstal
Color Rosé
Variety 100% Pinot Noir
Primary Rock, Löss
Gravel from the river Danube
vine age
25 - 40 years
Pannonian, Continental